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Welcome - All of us at Ducan Industries are pleased to welcome Ms. Leanna Lomanski to our company in the position of Contract Sales Manager, effective April 13, 2020. Leanna's responsibilities will include managing existing accounts and develping new business relationships promoting Ducan Industries' broad range of quality products. Leanna returns to Ducan after nine years of working in Seniors Housing and Software Solutions Industries.  Leanna is excited to work with the rest of the Ducan team to becorme your Best Supplier. You can reach Leanna at: Business: (403) 328-3800 Cell Phone: (403) 308-4150 Email: llomanski@ducanindustries.com 

Ducan Industries Report 2017 Westcastle Field Station

Destination Project Westcastle Field Station - The Westcastle Field Station was booked at, or close to, capacity from early May until the end of August.  We would not have been able to see this type of usage without Ducan’s generous donation, enabling us to outfit the dorm and add comfort to the renovations. On behalf of everyone in the WFS organizing committee, we would sincerely like to thank you for all you have done!